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Glancing logo: ./FinSoft.RF - is financial technologies laboratory.

Thee will manage the whole world who will be apt to find the necessary information!!!

To get a distinct advantage over Your competitors You must boldly face the future and implement methods and software (soft) better

than Your competitors have!!!

Your competitors use stereotyped software, and it gives them stereotyped solutions.

Would You like to use the methods and software better than Your competitors have to capture an Impressive market share

and to "chop" the most "delicious piece of cake" off?

Laboratory of Innovative Financial Technologies FinSoft.RF creates exclusive and accurate on-demand programs for each company individually.

Working with our programs DOES NOT require from company director any type of special education and knowledge in financial analysis, accounting and auditing.

You can order in our laboratory:

  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis of Your company;

  • Soft "Privy councilor" will independently analyze Your company, identify weak elements in business, with issuing of recommendations, -

    - even daily, simply by pressing a button;

  • Soft Spy program 007 will track and monitor Your competitors, - even daily, simply by pressing a button;

  • Soft Seeing Eye - an exclusive program that allows You to efficiently monitor and intelligently manage Your cash flows and Your capital, -even daily, simply by pressing a button;

  • Soft Galaxy will allow You to monitor the competitive environment; to conduct market segmentation, as well as to see how much Your business weights in terms of money

    and in percents, - even daily, simply by pressing a button;

  • Soft Vigilant parent. This program allows You to continuously analyze and monitor Your Daughters;

  • Soft Albatross will allow You to predict the development of Your business, - even daily, simply by pressing a button;

  • Soft Personal Anticrisis Manager allows You to predict accurately all of the financial risks, the timing of potential bankruptcy (in days),

    i.e. how much time is left on the implementation of anti-crisis strategy;

  • And other exclusive software, which will be created according to Your personal request..

Methodology and algorithms are based on the latest international trends in financial anticrisis management, as well as on innovative discoveries of Alexander Shemetev, who is a scientist in the field of economy and finance, PhD, associate professor. Alexander Shemetev has 2 Name Grants of the President of the Russian Federation for his own researches in the field of Economics and Finance. Alexander Shemetev is the author of six books on financial management, as well as the author of over 100 papers in different languages. You can get an acquaintance with some of his books and papers on our website.

  • For complete privacy and security of Your information, the program will be installed and delivered to You in a separate new laptop.



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